Sunday, June 7, 2009

Breitling Navitimer World

One of the greatest things about the Breitling Watch Company is the fact that they consistently raise the bar in the luxury, high end wrist watch market. Most chronograph companies would have stopped innovating had they developed a high end watch like the Breitling Navitimer Watch. But the Breitling Watch Company continues to improve and innovate, while churning out collector pieces at every turn. As a result, Breitling has come up with the Navitimer World watch. And what a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing watch it truly is. Without a doubt, this watch will become highly sought after as a collectable.

Breitling took the standard Navitimer watch, and build upon its frame a newer, more functional watch. At first glance, it becomes readily apparent that the Navitimer World is about 10% bigger than the standard Navitimer. To quantify that a little, the original Navitimer has a 41.8 mm case diameter and the Navitimer World has a 46 mm case diameter. Of course, you may be wondering why Breitling introduced a bigger wrist watch (as most bigger watches tend to be cumbersome to their owner). First, let me tell you, the bigger Navitimer World simply feels just right. Even though it is a little bigger than the standard Navitimer, you really cannot tell the difference in weight.

The real distinction in between the Navitimer World wrist watch and the original is the Navitimer World permits its owner to instantly know the time in two different places anywhere in the world. The Breitling Watch Company has implemented a very readable, second hand (which has a little red arrow) that indicates the hour position in a second time zone of your choosing. All you have to do is set the Navitimer World once, and then you will be able to tell what time it is (on a 24 hour scale) in two different time zones.

The Navitimer World wrist watch comes in two primary versions. The first is the steel case version. This very sharp looking version has a black dial, a leather strap, and a tang type buckle. While this version looks amazing, the second version, which has an 18 karat rose gold case with a black dial. Additionally, this watch has a Croco strap and an 18 karat rose gold tang type buckle. This version of the Navitimer World is absolutely stunning. On both versions, Breitling installed three monochromatic sub dials.

Another difference between the original Navitimer Watch and the Navitimer World are the watches’ mechanical movements. The original Navitimer has the Breitling 26 Caliber, while the Navitimer World has the Breitling 24 Caliber. Furthermore, the original Navitimer uses 38 jewels and the Navitimer World uses 25 jewels. Both watches operate at 28.8 vibrations per hour.

Similar to the original, the Navitimer World can be operated at a depth of 100 feet underwater. Both watches also have a 42 hour power reserve. Additionally, the Breitling Navitimer World wrist watch is glare proofed on both sides of its sapphire crystal lens. This last feature is extremely useful to the average user.

True to its heritage, the Breitling Navitimer World wrist watch can be used to aid in navigation. One of the best features of the Navitimer is its bidirectional, rotating slide rule bezel, which can be used if there was a need to calculate your position while flying. You would be able to calculate your position by first indentify your ground speed, and then taking your last known position and plotting where you currently are.

I am sure some of you are asking, what is a slide rule? Very simply, a rotating slide rule an analog, mechanical computer that can be used for calculations such as trigonometry, logarithms, and roots. The slide rule can also be used for multiplication and division, but cannot be used for the basic arithmetic functions of addition and subtraction.

There is one last unique feature that we are going to discuss. If you were to look at the back of the Navitimer World Watch, you will notice that Breitling has engraved the names of 24 cities on the back of the watch to represent the various time zones. This is a very efficient use of blank space that would otherwise be considered useless.

As always, when seeking information on the various versions of the Breitling Navitimer Watch, feel free to visit our Breitling Navitimer Watch website.

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  1. BTW: the bidirectional rotating slide rule bezel can also be used for currency conversions. eg put US$ on the inside ring, and €uro on the outside ring and bingo... you have a complete "bidirectional" currency conversion table on your wrist. Great for those tricky negotiations when traveling.

    For "Dead Reckoning" esp with cross wind components (or trigonometry) you do need a something like an E6B. c.f.